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2020-10-28 17:15:35


Recently, our spring factory realized the successful production of the new spring coiling machine CSM-660CNC. This machine is tailor-made for our Turkish customers and will soon reach their new owners across the ocean.

After testing, this model machine successfully passed the test of pagoda spring and tension spring.

Continuously breaking new technologies is our goal and mission. Take customer's needs as the fundamental goal. We have achieved many innovative improvements to the model, such as double locking and thickening of the bearing, which makes the machine more durable.

We insist on using the best materials and the best technology to achieve the production of spring machines, just like our boss's spirit who has been investing in spring machine products for more than 40 years.

Our overseas market is ushering in explosive growth, and we thank the support of our customers with sincere enthusiasm and high-quality machine now and forever!

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